Motifs & story

Despite all the success, the aquatherm founders Gerhard and Anne Rosenberg have never forgotten where they come from. Down-to-earthness is a character trait that both embody to this day. They have always felt an obligation to the supposedly weaker in the world and have always been willing to pass on part of what they have won in a charitable and social way.

And so, in 2008, the idea came up to set up a non-profit foundation that would be equipped with private funds of €2 million and would make a small sustainable contribution to a better world, regardless of the success of the aquatherm company.

Said and done! Only a few weeks passed from the idea to the registration of the foundation. The Gerhard Rosenberg Foundation has been officially approved and recognized by the district government since December 23, 2008.

On 07.03.2017 and 08.12.2021, Gerhard Rosenberg increased the endowment fund through two additional donations of one million euros each, so that the endowment capital has now risen to a magnificent € 4 million.

With this financial strength, we are sure that we will be able to live up to the altruistic motives and values of Gerhard and Anne Rosenberg today, tomorrow and in the future, and that we will always be able to do good in their name.

We are very grateful for these opportunities!


The special character of a foundation is that once the funds have been contributed, the so-called foundation stock, can no longer be withdrawn or used. Rather, the assets are invested as securely and with interest as possible in order to generate a regular distribution permanently – theoretically for all eternity. This is used in accordance with the purposes of the foundation.

Organization of the foundation bodies


Gerhard Rosenberg


  • Management of the Foundation’s assets
  • Preparation and implementation of the allocation of foundation funds decided by the Board of Trustees
  • Reporting and accounting of the Foundation’s activities

Board of Trustees

Elke Rosenberg
Marion Bilsing
Dirk Rosenberg
Mike Rosenberg
Christopher Rosenberg


  • Resolution on the allocation of funds
  • Supervision of the activities of the Board of Directors
  • Discharge of the Management Board
  • Approval of the annual business plan to be drawn up by the board
  • Approval of the annual accounts